Thursday, March 25, 2010

Faith on the Edge


Today I came up with a grand master plan. Unfortunately I can't tell you about it because that would blow my cover. I'm kind of stoked though and can't stop laughing about it. So hopefully it goes through and we can all laugh at it together in the future.

Other than my grand scheme today was pretty uneventful. I was watching something that was recorded and when it went off The 700 Club was on. I've never seen that program before and actually didn't have a clue that it was a Christian thing. There was a guy on there named Paul Richardson that wrote a book called "Faith on the Edge." From what I understand the book was mainly about this miracle that happened to him and his family. Basically his infant son had started to crawl and they were getting ready to go on some missionary trip. In the excitement of things the baby somehow slipped out of their sight and they started searching for him frantically. When they finally found little dude he was at the bottom on the pool in the fetal position. Paul jumped in and when he pulled his son out his brother started administering CPR. After about seven minutes of CPR with no response the ambulance brought him into the hospital. I guess they did test and stuff and even though they somehow resuscitated him, he had been with out oxygen for so long that there were no signs of brain activity. Basically little man was a vegetable. So the family brought in their church friends and they all circled around him and said a prayer. At that point Paul said he started feeling burst of energy and a faint glow, one of the friends said they felt the baby's toe move. After a few more hours of no sign of brain activity or any more movement, the baby suddenly opened his eyes and started looking around. The next day the flabbergasted doctors sent the child home with a clean bill of health. It was Paul's miracle.

Now, I usually tend to not believe in stories like this but this guy seemed so genuine and his story seemed so real. He cried at all the right parts, smiled when he should have and just had it ALL right. I kind of had to believe his story. I'm very interested in reading his book, so I'll be doing that as soon as I can. Feel free to buy it for me for my birthday. It seems like an interesting read.

But yeah, that was my interest of the day absolutely nothing else good happened. Now I have big plans to help Autumn with her science fair project, catch up on some reading and hit the hay.

Good Day ya'll.

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