Sunday, March 21, 2010

Happy Birthday Baby D!

Oh Happy Day!

I just got home from Monroe and attending my God son's 1st birthday party. I had a blast, and I'm really happy I got to spend so much time with him and Danielle, even if it did consist of non stop running around since 8am. I am EXHAUSTED.

Great news though, I came home to find a new fridge in the kitchen! Holly got a great deal on it and I'm super excited to have crushed ice. Hah. The bad news is I'll have to grocery shop for basically everything now. Oh well, it's worth it and she's got the new furniture coming on Tuesday. It's gonna be a good week.

But, because I'm so tired, and am barly holding on here I'm going to make today mainly a picture blog of my favorite pictures from David's party. They're great! I love that little man.

His face is priceless on the last one, but just for good measures here's another priceless face. Isn't she cute?


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