Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The Internet Crazies

All right,

So last night a weird thing happened. After I posted my blog, Katelynn and I were talking about "My Life as Liz" and the fact that Liz's love interest, Bryson, was WAY too cute for this girl Jami that he dated. So as we were talking I stumbled upon his Formspring account. For those of you who don't know formspring is a website that lets you ask questions to people and they just go through and answer them, pretty basic. So I asked Bryson a question about why he was dating her and I started it off as "I don't want to come across as a shallow asshole..." and he answered me by saying something along the lines of "Well you did come across that way." The thing about this site, is that the answers people give are public, and I forgot to hide my username. The first thing I notice was a tweet coming from Bryson's Twitter account that said:

"If you start a question with "I don't want to come across as a shallow asshole" chances are, you're going to. Sorry, but if the shoe fits..."

After this my formspring was LOADED down with "questions" calling me all kinds of weird things. One person even told me that they were going to rape me in the ass because I deserved it. Now look, I'm a pretty reasonable person and I don't take much of anything people say on the internet seriously. What I don't get is why so many people came to the girls defense. I asked it in a sort of nice way, and to be honest I don't know many people who would look at Bryson and this girl together and NOT wonder why he was dating her. The fact of the matter is that pretty people date pretty people. There is no way that people didn't see this girl and think SOMETHING along those lines. Not that him dating her really bothered me at all, I just had to ask because of my suspicions about the reality of the show.

Bryson is a ridiculously good looking guy, and she is the complete opposite. After reading her Twitter and her formspring I can't even say that maybe he dated her because she has an outstanding personality. She was boring, slightly rude, and whiny. Which leaves me to wonder, were they really ever dating at all?

What I really want to say to the crazy Formspring stalkers though is LEAVE ME ALONE. I didn't say ANYTHING that you guys didn't think yourself. Call me superficial, call me shallow, I honestly don't care. The world was thinking it, (okay, not the world, the show isn't that popular) and I said it. Get over it, move on with your lives, and stop leaving stupid, grammatically incorrect statements in my questions box. Go raise money for earthquake victims. The world would be a better place if you little psychos spend all that built up angst and energy on helping people rather than flipping out on internet people anonymously.

This is what I'm getting at, I've come to two conclusions today. The first being that people on the internet REALLY need to get lives and stop worrying about the stupid shit, and two, that "My Life as Liz" is probably a lot more fake than I thought it could be yesterday. Don't get me wrong, I'm still going to watch, but I'll be sure not to ask anymore questions to Bryson for fear of his rabid fan girls wasting my sweet, precious time.


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