Saturday, March 13, 2010

Who the Fuck is Tre Cool?

Wooo! I am going to lay the romance on myself tonight!

I got an offer to be DD for some friends going to US12 tonight but I'm nearly positive I'm going to turn it down. Last night I went to The Diamondback and Lakeview with my sister and we're both pretty positive we got drugged, hah. So I'm thinking staying in with my PJs, slippers and Lifetime movies sounds pretty appealing. I honestly couldn't care less if I'm sitting by myself on Saturday night or not. I'm sort of tired of being out all the time. I need to find some friends who actually like to stay in the house every now and again.

As far as anything exciting goes, the only thing I've got is a small wind of a new Green Day tour. I'm pretty stoked about it actually, after the concert last summer I've been itching to see them again. I've loved them since I was seven, and have been several of their shows, but none of them beat that one. I've never been so excited to break a toe. Maybe I can break an arm or leg this time?! I'm not sure exactly when it's going to be, but I'm now taking applications for people to cause shenanigans with. But if you didn't just get my joke, you don't need to apply.

Anyway, other than that I have nothing going on to talk about. I really do have big plans to put on pajamas, lay on the couch, and probably tweet #getsloppyontwitter 45 more times tonight. If you're bored and are in the #getsloppyontwitter business or the watching tv in your pajamas on Saturday night business, come on over! I'll be here!

See ya peace..

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