Saturday, March 6, 2010

Busy, Busy!


Here is my rapid, early morning attempt at not failing, like family night failed. I got most of the food done, and had to take Hannah to CVS and the take her friend Paige to pick up some clothes so she could spend the night. When we got back Angie, Randell and the kids were already here and we ate right away, because no one else was coming. Once dinner was done, everyone went upstairs for about 5 minutes and then Angie and crew left. So that wrapped up family night, 25 minutes of seeing them. Awesome!

After that Holly, Autumn and I snuggled upstairs and watched "Everybody's Fine." I have NEVER cried so much during a movie. I was tearing up ALL the way through it because Robert Di Niro reminded me so much of my dad and his flock of kids, yet somehow still managed to me lonely. It seriously broke my heart, and then the end happened and I felt like I had died a million deaths. It was horrible.

Today, Holly and Autumn have to go and make some first communion plate and church and I'm going to drop Hannah at a friends house. Once we're done with that we plan on heading to the mall to see if we can find something fantastic to wear tonight, then we're scooting to a wedding reception. I pray that it's going to be fun, and that I don't know the bouncer since it's in Monroe. We shall see. If any of you Monroe folks want to come with us, get a hold of me and I'll let you know where it's at!

See ya tomorrow, hopefully with fun stories in tow!


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