Sunday, March 28, 2010

Best Day

Today has been the best day in a long time.

I woke up, had breakfast with Angie Kennedy, talked to my brother Ollie on the phone for a while discussing our birthday plans and then I laid on the couch for basically the rest of the day. I found some movie on On Demand that involved Justin Timberlake, baseball and road trips, so naturally I was in love for two hours of my life. Right now Year One is on killing my brain cells and I'm debating going to Monroe. Who knows if that'll happen though. It's just been a really relaxing day.

Anyway, last night was, odd. I started off the night super crabby but was basically over it by the time we got to Doc's. Doe was working so we went and visited him for a little bit, I zoned out, they drank. After we went to US-12 and Stockdale's, I zoned out some more and they drank some more. It was kind of just a really weird, creepy night. The entire time some weirdo Middle Eastern guy with greasy, curly hair and a hunched back kept staring at our table until our friend Brian told him to stop. Actually, I'm pretty sure he kept staring even after that. He seemed really nice actually, besides the fact that he was clearly not socially adapted.

I don't know, it was a retarded evening and I was pretty glad when it was over. I didn't get much sleep though so between movie watching I took a two hour nap today. It was aweeesome.

I'm sure I still have a bit of debt to pay off somewhere or another but hopefully it doesn't involve designated driving any time soon.

So yeah, just to get it out there my brother Ollie and I are having out annual birthday party at his house next Saturday. Feel free to come and have a good time. I think he's ordering some UFC fight or something. Maybe not UFC, maybe it's boxing, I'm really not sure. Just get a hold of me if you're interested in coming.

I'll see YOU, tomorrow.

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